If you know why, you will know how

World leaders expect that within two decades, over 60% of the jobs in today’s market will disappear. On the other hand, no one can predict which jobs will be in demand in two decades from now. So which skills should we be teaching the young generation to prepare them for an undefined future?

We already know that it is impossible to solve life’s challenges using the same tools that we currently have. In order to ensure a positive, secure future, people must adopt a way of life that facilitates internal change and adaptation to an unexpected future, both in terms of thought and behavior in a dynamic reality.


We live in a generation in which faith in the ability of the educational system to train future generations has decreased, and this impacts all sectors of the population. It also demands that we implement creative strategies when teaching to strive for meaning.
When uncertainty exists in every economic, social and educational framework, and social gaps are constantly expanding, we need innovative approaches to upgrade humanity by creating new heights where every citizen becomes an integral part that contributes to society from a place of meaning and empowerment.

World Bank data and international economic leaders show that every person must undergo a change in personality and mindset in order to be capable of dealing with the challenges of the future – in a world where skills are much more important than information, and creativity is much more vital than IQ.

Israel Shiran
David Botrashvily
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