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if I’m who I’m
because you’re
who you’re,
then I’m not I
and you are
not you

A unique, comprehensive program that develops a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental and behavioral potential.
The educational staff learns to apply a wide range of tools and effective principles that enable them to realize their internal hidden talents in the best possible manner and to inspire significant change in every aspect of their lives.
Iproject was developed by a multidisciplinary staff of academics and educators. Our instructors have seniority and experience spanning two decades in formal and informal education, government offices and private and public companies.

An Israeli company specializing in development of educational empowerment programs and didactic tools to solve cognitive and emotional challenges faced by the Educational staff and students in preschool and elementary schools, in both formal and informal educational settings.

Iproject is considered a breakthrough program that promotes meaningful education in formal and informal frameworks.

We instill a unique worldview using a method that changes the individual’s emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual awareness.

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Iproject develops and improves many different fundamental processes within each and every participant:
• Development of intellectual abilities
• Development of emotional abilities
• Development of the imagination
• Cultivation of social commitment
• Development of emotional intelligence
• Successful performance in the immediate term
• Successful performance in the medium term
• Strengthening of self-confidence
• Cultivating positive self-image
• Internalization of positive thinking
• Belief in the ability to deal with failures
• Dealing with anxiety
• Creating motivation to succeed
• Development of self-discipline, determination and perseverance
• Development of interpersonal communication
• Development of creative thinking
• Development of inventive thinking
• Development of teamwork skills
• And more…

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