Official Feedback


Benjamin Netanyahu

I request to send my personal gratitude and appreciation to your outstanding, unique achievement, fulfilling Israel’s children’s po-tential, making a very special contribution towards maximizing the human capital of Israel.

Israel Prime Minister

This is a life-changing journey that touches on all aspects of life, both professional and personal

Rene manages the Pardesiya Tzahroni

This course affects both my professional life and my family, and I use the techniques and topics that we have learned with my family, and it did us good

Irit, Rosh Ha’ayi

Thank you so much for such a powerful process that strengthened my credo and also gave me tools in the daily work

Nitza, Tzahar and Rosh Ha’ayin

Professionalism, true life mission of the creators. an amazing initiative filled with a personal and professional journey for educators

Aviva Ben Refael, superintendent Ministry of education

The subject of creativity and inventive thinking we have learned in depth has led me to develop a smart product myself that I think will work very well in the market, just for this course it was worth

Liel, Rosh Ha’ayin

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