Professor Avraham Zecharia

Chairman of the Pediatric Division of Schneider Children’s Medical Center in addition to his role as manager of the outpatient hospitalization unit.

Chen Zilbershein

Specializes in personalized education develops didactic games, instructs teachers and manages a forum of 5,000 personalized educators in the educational system.

Sharon Ratzabi

Medical psychologist, researcher and lecturer. Manager of an educational leadership program.


Robert Lederman

Developmental optometrist and leader in the field of developmental vision. First Israeli member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Develoment (, clinical member of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (

Michal Doron

Clinical, employment and legal graphologist specializing in mental diagnosis and trauma. Works with special education teachers and corporations. Senior lecturer in the Ministry of Education lecturer database and Chairman of the Union of Poets in Israel.

Israel Shiran

Founder of Gnotebook, lecturer on inventive thinking. Educator and school principal for two and a half decades. Head educator in the educational leadership program.
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