Program for
Learning for
staff & Students

The educator
is in the
center of
Learning for
the triangle
staff & Students

• Empowerment of the Educational staff in kindergartens and elementary schools, and setting them up as key figures in
the process of shaping the personalities and worldviews of their students
• Imparting learning skills that generate creative thought processes and behaviors
• Creating a visual, system-wide standard for making content accessible and improving teaching methods, in order to improve the learning process in heterogenic classrooms
• Providing inspiration for educators to believe in their ability to develop emotional and spiritual intelligence, as well as offering tools to improve interpersonal communications
• Providing a sense of belonging, ability, motivation and meaning by using unique methods
• Placing educators in a central position, empowered and valued as they should be
• Providing a diverse, rich toolbox adapted to the Information Age

Education that focuses on excellence is based on the principles of cognitive and personality development. The challenges that society faces also exist in the educational system, and the demand for instant gratification leads to frustration. The process of making the change in kindergartens and elementary schools is simple, and based on the underlying belief that instead of investing efforts in fixing, let’s invest resources in building the system in a manner that keeps the challenges of the keyboard era in mind.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean

The educator is in the center of this triangle, and through the empowerment process that the educator undergoes, the educator becomes a light that illuminates everyone around them

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